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CAST: Barack Obama, Vladimir Putin, Jim Carrey, Kiera Knightly, Jason Momoa, Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, Eva Green, Narrator (Zia Mohiuddin), Imran Khan, Nawaz Sharif, David Chapelle, Eddie Griffin, Kevin Hart.

Cameo: Donald Trump, Bugs Bunny

SCENE: [EPILOGUE]Please Continue Murdering

[Scene opens with cast members dancing to this song. (choreography from 4m54sto 5m16s)]

[Putin and Obama in the lead, Kiera facing Putin, Warren and Bill duo behind them, Imran to Putin’s right, Nawaz to Obama’s left, Jason in the middle of the group on stage with Eva, Others doing shimmy and jigs in corners.]

[All of them are slowly surrounded by people wearing sleeveless Ku Klux gang attire, ISIS tattoos on one arm, names of multi-national corporations on the other.]

[Dance ends at 5m19s mark.]

[Nawaz spins on the spot shrieking: “Tsunami” Imran does a full split, faints from the pain.]

Silence as Putin facepalms. Warren and Bill shaking heads. Others look around.

[Next 20 seconds:]

[Obama taps Putin on the shoulder. Putin turns to look at him]

Obama and Putin (arm in arm, Putin’s shirt buttons open, both suddenly break into a song, singing O Oh Jane Jaana with difficulty from 49s to 1m9s mark):

[At 58s mark of the song:

Background music slowly rises. Scatman, from 21s to 33s mark:

[Jason, Eva, and David Chapelle are doing a shimmy. Warren and Bill are doing step touches.]

[Kevin and Eddie are beating one another]

[Ku Klux gang starts trembling vigorously in a fit. Keep at it for 10 seconds.]

[Stage goes dark. Spotlight on the center, as background music slowly dies, a small stage with a seat descends from above to the stage.]

[The seat quickly turns to face the audience. The Mask is sitting on it, legs crossed. Left leg over the right. His right elbow on the arm rest, hand holding his chin. The Mask’s serious face slowly lights up with an evil grin. Mask raises both arms to his sides welcomingly, Evil grin still on.]

[The stage lights up. Everyone’s standing around the Mask, on their knees bowing, worshiping.]

[The Mask laughs]

[Lights out]



SCENE: [PROLOGUE] The first murder in the universe

Narrator (Zia Mohiuddin. His delivery: In English |In Urdu)

[Curtains Closed]

Narrator: The Universe is a great establisher. It creates and enforces balance on its own. Our decisions here, the terrible ones we’ve made, the crazy ones we should have made, and the right ones we’ve avoided… out fear… uncertainty… or cowardice…have unbalanced the scales. They have taken their toll on time.

Narrator(In a grave voice):The terrible results of these began to be confined to new high security universes, by the Universe.

[Curtains open]

Behind the curtains is a white curtain/film. Only the narrator’s shadow is visible.

[Spotlight on the left side of the stage, on the Narrator, sitting on a lone old armchair with a side table. Table has a pile of books and protruding papers]

Narrator (raising his head): This is the story of what humanity’s inner self looks in one of these high security universes. This is a parallel world of our own making. Escape is impossible… or so we had come to believe.

[Narrator sighs. Hangs his head.]

[Background music starts, Ecstasy of Gold, as the Curtains Close. (From 48s to 1m22s. For 34 seconds, till 1m22s mark):

34 seconds:

[Narrator puts his script in one of the books on the table. Slowly gets up, walks across stage.]

[Someone steps from the shadows behind the chair. Rummages through the pile.]

[Narrator turns around and stops. Pauses 3 seconds as the other shadow turns to look at him.]

Background Music reaches climax

[Narrator draws a pistol with a 1-foot barrel. Shoots the shadow in the head.]

[Shadow falls to the ground, paper flying around the chair]

[Narrator puts away the gun, turns and walks out the stage]

[Curtains Close]



Characters: Warren, Bill, Momoa, Kiera, Kevin

[Curtains Open]

[Spotlight on large double doors of asylum.]

[Large sign on top of the doors asylum reading: Wringo Tower Front]

[Gates move aside]

Stage lights up.

Scene is chaos.

Several hospital beds and tables turned over haphazardly.

A huge equipment is in the center, covered by a white cloth.

Fully robed kuklux members running on stage after Bill and Kevin. Warren in a straitjacket held by two kuklux doctors and one nurse. Kevin bites one and runs out the stage. Kierra hits the one holding her between the legs, runs off after Kevin.

Kuklux doctor (shouting, then shrieking): “Stop them! STOP THEM! DON”T LET THE PATIENTS GET AWAY!”

Second doctor (Commandingly): “Restart the machine, now!”

One member runs to the equipment, pulls off the clothe. Starts turning the Machine:

10 seconds. Warren and Bill are still as a statue. Mesmerized.

Marble machine picks up pace. Warren and Bill obediently march to a corner.

[LOUD BANG! And Crash, left of stage]

Momoa and Kierra storm in, wearing earmuffs. Use fire extinguisher. Drag Warren and Bill with them.

Kuklux doctor shouting orders.

Chaos again.

[Lights off]

[Scene Ends]


Background Music:

[Curtains slowly rise]

[A jungle scene on stage]

Enters Eddie (covered in blood, hair dis-shelved, is dragging the body of a dead Barrack and Putin)

Kevin (mutters): “Move damit!” “Imran!” (He shouts)

Imran (dragging his self on the ground, both legs broken): “Coming”, he says gruffly.

Imran: Where’s Eva and Momoa?

Chappelle: “Dead. Warren and Bill are bringing them too.”

Kevin: “Shit. What about the others? Where they at?”

Kiera (hair congealed with blood): “We’re here.”

Nawaz: “What happened to you?”

Kiera (mutters): Fractured jaw I think. Momoa… (she breaks off)

Momoa (pressing both hands to his chest, gruffs): “I’ll be fine.”

Momoa (comes to center of stage. Pointing to a shrapnel stuck near his heart): “Need to pull this out.”

Chappelle: We’re staying here. Eddie, Kevin, Imran we need to get that thing out now. Damn those clowns. Didn’t know we were guarded. Insane!

Nawaz: Eva, Kiera! You take guard duty while we clean this mess up.

[The three nod in agreement]

Nawaz (continues): Where’s Travis? Travis! Trav… (Nawaz is cut off by Chappelle)

Chapelle (Scowling at Nawaz): Don’t lose your breath. Go and get us the firewood. Kev! We’re going to get some food and make sense of this mess. We’re out, but they’ll be on us soon.

Chappelle walks towards right of stage.

[Chappele steps on a twig. Everyone looks up startled as the background music starts, Feel Good Inc.:

20 seconds]

20 Seconds:

Imran and Nawaz are digging a grave.

Kevin (agitated): Why the heck you idiots digging graves? You know they’ll come to.

Eva: Do we have the time to wait for it?

Kevin: Unless you can find a way to get those clowns off our butts on your own. Yeah.

[Obama and Putin’s bodies are lowered into the grave.]

Stage screen shows 9/11, Afghan Iraq War, UN decision to not send aid for eBola, genocide, ISIS, Shia Ahmedi genocides, and Stuff. Screen goes fuzzy

Stage lights turn off, spotlight on screen.

Donald is Elected President.

[Spotlight on Nawaz and Chapelle running to the grave. Start digging it open.]

Kevin screaming in horror: “I’m small. I get scared easy. I have a small butt. I’ll get raped, I know that.”

Stage goes dark.

10 seconds. Sounds of steps.

Stage lights up with low light. All cast members standing. Back turned to audience.

[The three in middle turn. Putin, The Mask, Obama. Putin and Obama zombie like. Mask his usual green self.]

30 seconds scene.

All cast members choreograph/dance to Michael Jacksons’ Thriller (9m2s MUTED)

Exact choreography as

With music for Bang Bang (from 6s mark) in background

NOTE: Two tabs. Play song first. Play muted movie later. (Thriller | Bang Bang)

Scene ends at spin. Thriller (9m 55s)

Lights brighten, then slowly dim as sleeveless ku klux members enter stage.

[Curtains Close]

[Scene Ends]


[Curtains Open]

[Background music.

2 Cellos

People quickly set up the scene in low light

Stage is demarcated in three. Three offices.

[Three offices are quickly set on stage.]

Lights up.

The first two offices belong to Obama and Putin. Both are standing still. The third is empty.

Each office has:

1. Bookstands (each with a large sign: autobiographies of great men, how to guides, phone numbers)

2. Pictures of great men on walls, covered with silky red cloth.

[Obama’s Office]

[Obama starts to pace his office, rummaging through pages of one of the books from great men stand. Stops and then stands up to look at the picture on the wall.

[Putin’s Office]

[Putin vigorously writing on a notepad looking again at the covered picture. Looks at the contacts stand again.]

[Third Office]


Narrator: Can a lone person make decisions? I believe not. They can share a vision, and ofcourse inspire and mobilize the masses. Then what? Change? Without exceptional sacrifice? Huh, Another Wall Street Uprising I suppose…

Narrator sighs.

[Donald Trump enters the third office. Starts pacing his room. Stopping every now and then to look at the covered picture on the wall.]

Narrator: Perhaps leading requires an unprecedented inspiration. A craze beyond recognition!

Narrator, continues in a whisper: Madness…

Putin, Obama, Trump remove clothes from wall. Putin and Obama see a picture with question mark. Trump sees Bugs Bunny.

Narrator: Leading without personal madness, the willingness to sacrifice everything for the sake of future, a future where we may not be. That may bring change.

Narrator: But even then, one is a front line soldier. Who dies, thinking of defending the future.

[Large picture of Hitler, Mussolini, and Stalin slowly drop down.]

Narrator: Manufacturing consent is necessary.

All the leaders look up at the pictures, amazed.

All bow.

All office walls move away.

Putin and Obama look at one another.

Dramatic music from start of scene two starts again for 10 seconds:

[Putin and Obama hold each other’s gaze. 10 seconds.]

They slowly move towards one another.

They shake hands.

Spot light on all three.

Obama and Putin turn to Trump


2 20 seconds scene. PAPP at 6s mark

Trump choreographs full song.

Putin and Obama stunned keep looking at Trump.

Song ends.

Obama and Putin take out whips.

Dance to this song at the gunshot. 7 seconds.

Start moving towards Trump.

Trump runs off stage. Obama and Putin after him, whips cracking.

[Curtains close.]

Scene Ends

SCENE: [EPILOGUE] Please Continue Murdering

Genre “Play,” Story 3

Previously named: “Murder: A Thoughtless Guide To Taking Lives”