I squinted my eyes until they were narrow slits, through which I could barely see my way. The sun was unusually angry today, using all of its immense energy into burning all it could reach. I could feel the heat on my dark skin that was glowing under the sun’s…

A Light-hearted Comedy for Non Serious People

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Ahijaw, a woman of no exceptional consequence was slouching on a sofa one day when she began to wonder of an escape route to simpler times. She was fed up with constantly pleasing people and was lately feeling reticent. Her phone kept buzzing with plans of meet-ups she had no…

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They said it was going to be the wedding of the century. They were wrong; it was the marriage for eternity. Up above, the heavens had never looked better. Nimbuses and cumuli had puffed themselves up for the occasion. The North Wind had a raiment made of fallen autumnal leaves…

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In Context

“A little context goes a long way.”

_ J. M. Barrie,

The Founder of Secret Literary Society (SLitS).

Written on the pale wall, the slogan greeted her on the first day of her job. She was standing in a dimly lit, narrow reception area. It was desperately in…

She didn’t belong, and we never let her forget that. Sometimes, it was her two-sizes too big school uniform that was obviously a hand-me-down. On other occasions, it was the fact that she didn’t have lunch money and looked longingly at us stuffing our faces. Whatever it was, anything she…

A Halloween Affair


Death doesn’t scare me
Dead doesn’t bother me.
And Undead,
I welcome warmly.

Lingering souls,
Find solace in my home.
Brainless as I am,
Zombies too, can roam.

After losing a mother
I am Hospitable to mummies.
I don't either mind
mannequins and dummies

Djinns and devils,
Fairies and elves,
The Reaper hiding
Under my shelves!

A joyous tale
Halloween tells
Except for these
dreadful doorbells

Shivers go down my spinal cord
As Life arrives at my door
Trying to 'Trick' me to greet
So deeper inside myself, I re'treat'

By Iqra Aslam

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Perched on my favorite rocking chair in the wooden porch of my small house, I was swaying back and forth. A backward stroke of the chair, and dark shadows engulfed my charcoal skin. The magic of physical laws brought it back to its initial position and sparkling sunshine made my…

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This is by far the strangest incident that has ever happened to me. The improbability of it all makes most of my loved ones still think it was all just a figment of my imagination. I know that it was not and I experienced it all in reality. …

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Show me some kindness

For I am dying

A soft touch here

Or a loving glance

Not much to go around

Shan’t ask for more

Stay just a moment

For I am dying

Lend me your tears

Maybe hold my hand

As I go to ground

Shattering oaths you swore

Lie down with me

For I am dying

Await wakening of despair

When I turn cold

Watch hearts being bound

Sealed shut with hoar

Source: How Gods look when they’re looking at crack.

“The nerve of him!” Aphrodite said through gritted teeth looking at her Mac, blood boiling.

“Zeus just passed out on PornHub, again!” She shouted, her expression torn — her splaying love for one of her most beloved websites preventing her from punching through the screen.

“This is the third time…

Wringo Ink.

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